7h grade life guarding

Papa 7 started their school year with First Aide, CPR, and Jr. Life guard training.

- Papa ʻEhiku Water Safety

Papa ʻEwalu

Hoʻopaʻa ke kahua - Our first kinder class recognizing their foundation laid by their time at MHPCS during a week of reflection and sailing with KVA.

- Papa ʻEwalu Waʻa Camp

grad pic

Sending off our second graduating class to high school. So proud of our young navigators.

- Puka Kula 2022

puka kula 2022

"...their pilina with each other-- embodied Mālama Honua."

- Kumu Kanoho

papa elima kihei

Reflecting on their Mind of a Navigator skills, they successfully passed their 5th grade defense. .

- Kihei Ceremony- Papa 5

papa 6 sail

3 amazing sunrises and 4 amazing days tacking across Kaneohe Bay.

- 6th Grade Sail 2022

plankton research

Plankton research at night- from the water to the lab, a night to remember.

- Papa 6 Mokuoloe

9th grade sail

Their first college course at METC as a part of the Kailua HS Mālama Honua cohort.

- Mālama Honua Kailua HS

puka kula

Our first graduating class. Hoʻomaikaʻi! Wishing them all the best as they head to high school.

- Puka Kula 2021

papa 6 kihei sail

Celebrating the conclusion of sail with the kihei ceremony that they missed due to COVID.

- Papa 6 Kihei Ceremony

papa 5 kihei

So proud of our 5th graders- they passed defense and were recognized during their kihei ceremony.

- Papa 5 Kihei Ceremony

papa 7

Our quiet crew grew in confidence over the course of their long awaited COVID delayed KVA sail.

- 7th Grade Sail May 24-26

6th grade Sail

Sunny warm days, windy afternoons, and a quickly passing squall at the conclusion of the sail made their 4 day sail unforgettable.

- 6th Grade Sail May 2021