As a public charter school, MHPCS will comply with HRS § 302D and be free and open to all students. Potential students will be considered for admission without regard to race, ethnicity, creed, national origin, gender, disability or achievement level; however, the school does require an application, which families may obtain from the school office or digitally via the school’s website.

The enrollment process is scheduled to include a timeline that appropriately allows the school to recruit in a diverse and inclusive manner, and for families to navigate the application process comfortably. The school will accept applications during a specific timeframe, typically November to March (phase I). Once a family submits an application, they will receive confirmation that their application has been received, along with a timeline of milestones along the enrollment process – including the lottery if necessary. Currently enrolled MHPCS students are assured admission the following year and do not need to re-enroll. The school does ask that those current families confirm their intent-to-return by March 1st so the school can recruit and plan accordingly.

Applications Available Here!