Olakino Maikaʻi

I ola nō ke kino i ka mā‘ona o ka ‘ōpū

I mā‘ona nō ka ‘ōpū i ke aloha o na makua

The body is nourished when the stomach is satisfied. The stomach is satisfied because of the love of our parents

This week we reflect on the value of ola kino maikaʻi- to live healthy. We reflect on an oli that we recite daily before we eat and take a moment to think about what it means to live healthy. We are grateful for being filled with aloha from our ʻohana and filled with ono ʻai pono (healthy foods) so that we can grow and develop in a healthy way. Mahalo nui to our ʻohana who fill us with aloha daily. Mahalo nui to our farmers to produce all of the healthy snacks that we eat that comes directly from their farms. Mahalo nui to our kumu and friends who help us to fill our minds with powerful learning and ideas so that we can work together to fill our lives and our community with aloha!