Enrollment Process

As a public charter school, MHPCS will comply with HRS § 302B-5 and be free and open to all students. Potential students will be considered for admission without regard to race, ethnicity, creed, national origin, gender, disability or achievement level; however, the school does require an application, which families may obtain from the school office or digitally via the school’s website. The enrollment process is scheduled to include a timeline that appropriately allows the school to recruit in a diverse and inclusive manner, and for families to navigate the application process comfortably. The school will accept applications during a specific timeframe, typically November to March (phase I). Once a family submits an application, it will receive a letter confirming their application has been received, along with a timeline of milestones along the enrollment process – including the lottery if necessary. Currently enrolled MHPCS students are assured admission the following year and do not need to re-enroll. The school does ask that those current families confirm their intent-to-return by March 1st so the school can recruit and plan accordingly.

Phase I of the Enrollment Process:

November to March. If there are more applicants than spots available, a lottery will be held (see Student Lottery below). If there are more spots than applicants, all current applicants will be admitted and the enrollment process will enter phase II.

Phase II of the Enrollment Process:

After March 31st students will be enrolled as they submit applications and there is available space. In the event that the school is at capacity, a wait list will be created. As space becomes available families will be called in the order their applications were received.

Student Lottery

If the school receives more applications than seats available, a lottery will be held. Applicants who are siblings of current enrolled families or children of current school staff will be exempt from the lottery process (20 U.S.C. 7221b(b)(3)(I) and 7221i(1)(E), (G), and (H). The lottery date will vary each year but will typically be held between mid-March – mid-April. Families will be notified of the lottery date.

MHPCS lottery priority will be given as such:

  1. Students living in the zip code 96795 will receive 4 additional points.
  2. Students living in the zip codes (in no particular order) 96734. 96744, 96825 will receive 2 additional point.

*Proof of residency will be required to qualify for lottery priority system. Points will be in the form of additional tickets for the lottery drawing.

Acceptance letters will be mailed the day after the lottery event. Students who are offered enrollment at MHPCS must accept or decline by the deadline stated in the acceptance letter. Students who were not selected in the lottery will be placed on a grade-specific waitlist in the order selected in the lottery.

Post-Acceptance Process

Once a student has been admitted to MHPCS, we request that the family participate in an “intake process.” Participation is strongly encouraged as the school views this process as important and will make great effort to encourage full participation by all. The intake process may include, but is not limited to:

  • Students participate in a “shadow day” at MHPCS
  • Students, along with their families, attend an Information Session
  • Request the school receive a copy of the student’s most recent records/transcript
  • Submit current teacher evaluation reports
  • Submit any other educational testing or information that the family wishes to share
  • Parents participate in a private, intake meeting with a MHPCS administrator, with the purpose being to get to know school personnel and share pertinent information about their child. This is in addition to each person sharing their aspirations and expectations for the child.
  • Students attend the New Student Orientation program – held close to the beginning of the school year for all new students

In order for a student to attend Mālama Honua, the family must first:

  • Submit proof of meeting all State Health Department requirements, including a TB test and other immunization records
  • Complete the school enrollment forms;
  • Complete the Emergency and Health Examination Forms; and
  • Submit proof of minimum age requirements by means of a birth certificate or other appropriate document.
  • Submit proof of residency by means of rental/mortgage document OR current utility bill OR notice of base housing assignment OR notarized statement of residence if living with a relative.
  • Students coming in 1st grade and higher: Most recent report card. Release of student records.
  • Students with Individualized Education Plans or 504 accommodation plans or Evaluation reports, should inform the school and submit plans/assessment records.

MHPCS has decided on the application and intake process because as a “school of choice,” we believe it is important for students and families to understand the school’s culture, expectations, and programs in order to make the most informed decision about whether or not it is a good fit for them. We believe these processes facilitate that kind of insight and reflection. Also, the application and visits allow the school to get to know the students, their interests, affinities, and needs – along with any pertinent family information that will be useful to best serve the student. Aligning with the school’s commitment to family engagement and support, it is important to start establishing a strong, open relationship as early as possible.